The Kiva

The Kiva

In the heart of Downtown Eugene, there is a local grocery shop called “The Kiva”. I’ve drove past this little shop a couple times and the design has always caught my eye. At the front of the shop there is a plant display and trees that complete the aesthetic. Above the entrance there is a design with the name of the shop and a hexagonal pattern behind that. It doesn’t really seem like much but it really stood out to me. I love how simple it is yet how it draws attention to an average building that I normally wouldn’t notice.

In addition, on the side of the building next to the parking lot is a mural for the store that adds a lot of character. It kind of creates a modern and higher end vibe that makes you want to go inside. Overall, I think the designs that this business chose to represent themselves were very on point and appealing to the eye, one of the most important things about graphic design.

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