Chi’s Korean Tacos

Chi's Korean Tacos

This is Chi’s Korean Tacos on 10th Ave in Eugene Oregon.

I think this sign is very welcoming and cute and overall a very intriguing sign. I think what makes this sign so welcoming is the illustration of the cat in between the text and I know if I was a little kid this restaurant would definitely catch my eye. The “korean Tacos” part of the sign has kind of an Asian font to it which I think works well with the type of food they are selling. If you want I highly suggest checking out Chi’s Korean Tacos on instagram @chiskoreantacos and on Facebook @tacosformybelly for updates on the menu and restaurant.


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Hello! My name is Sophia Parker and I'm 15 years old and I am a sophomore at North Eugene High School. I really enjoy drawing, painting, swimming, and waterpolo 🙂

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